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What is a Power Player, anyway? Power Players know that learning doesn't end with a degree. They're constantly on the lookout to balance their professional and personal lives. (There's a secret to doing this - check my blogs for the answer!)

While Power Players have amazing goals and dreams, they know that to achieve them, it's going to take some good old fashion hard work, but no worries - they're up for the challenge!  

Some examples of current Power Players on my roster are: An entrepreneur taking his first company public, an award winning writer working on her second feature film, a current CEO of her household jumping back into the world of marketing.

Power Players are:

  • Go Getters
  • Earners and Learners
  • Interested in Getting Out of Their Comfort Zone

Power Players are NOT:

  • Full of Excuses
  • Looking to Point the Finger at Others
  • Complainers



Motivator. Mentor. Coach.

Maybe you've found success in business and are looking to jump to the next level in your career. Or you want to make a change in your work-life balance. (Check out my blog for more info on this!) Perhaps you're killing it in your career but you've hit a wall in creating the lifestyle that you really want. All of it sounds awesome and I'll be behind you 100% of the way. 

I've been in your shoes. 

Prior to becoming a certified business and lifestyle coach for creatives, I spent a decade building a successful career in the entertainment industry as a Producer, Director and Writer. You can see a list of some of my credits here

I love my career but I also know what pressures come with it. Choosing to work in a creative field offers no guarantees or sure-fire formulas for success.   

clients hire me to help them: 

  • Build better time management skills
  • Learn how to effectively communicate
  • Hold them accountable to their goals
  • Create more confidence 
  • Find balance

Giving back.

 I'm passionate about giving back and currently I mentor with the Aspire Foundation which recently met our goal of positively impacting over 1,000,000 million women since 2010. Next up, 1,000,000,000 by 2020.

Checking out.

My motto is definitely work hard, play harder. If you can't find me producing content or coaching clients, chances are I'm surfing, practicing yoga or traveling.



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What the people are saying....

"Coaching with Dominique was instrumental in helping me through a period in my life that I never expected to find myself in.  She never judged me and she always knew just when and how far to push me when I was mentally and emotionally stuck.  If I needed to vent, she was there.  If I needed to cry, she was there.  If I needed to sit in silence, she was there.  I couldn't imaging having shared that part of my life with anyone more supportive than Dominique." 
-Louise P., Los Angeles, CA 

"Working with Dominique really helped me get my professional life back on track. I've been successful in my  business but over the past few years, I realized something was getting in the way of my confidence. Having taken the time to figure out what was holding me back was priceless."  
- Jesse K., Los Angeles, CA 

"I've worked with coaches before and I know that in order to get see results, you gotta put the work in and where Dominique excelled was at keeping me accountable of my goals and calling me on my s*!t. Nothing gets by her. She was both patient and persistent with me. Thanks!"
- Kelly E., Chicago, IL

"Dominique really listened between the lines and helped me clarify how I wanted to materialize my family relationships in a fruitful fashion.  I had spent so much time laboring over how to handle certain situations and felt that I was really getting bogged down with unproductive time. She quickly pinpointed my needed focus and helped me reformulate how I could achieve the best outcome for myself in my loving family interactions. "
-Lisa H., Santa Cruz, CA

"Dominique Anders is truly insightful, intuitive, rigorous, and inspiring. She has given me incredible tools and consistent guidance to keep me on my path towards what it is that I truly want out of life. She is a direct and effective coach who knows my strengths and weaknesses and shows me how to use them to my advantage. She  is also able to see through my excuses and laziness, which she is somehow able to flip in a way that gets me motivated and back into inspired action. That alone makes her services invaluable to me. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you are ready to get to the next level in your life and career."

-Danielle Z., Los Angeles, CA