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 Business & Life Coaching for Creative Professionals





 Business & Life Coaching for Creative Professionals


I HELP creative Entrepreneurs focus on their GOALS &  PRODUCE RESULTS.


When you started in your industry, you were in it to win it. To create the career and life you dreamed of as a kid but after a few years, you lost your mojo.

  • Now, you spend 80 hours a week at a job you used to think was cool, but it's lost it's luster.

  • At the end of each workday you have nothing left in you to focus on your (insert creative endeavor here).

  • You keep taking crappy jobs you hate but you feel like you need because you have bills to pay.

  • Lifestyle, what's that? You've been killing it at work but that leaves little time for actual living.

  • You don't know exactly what you want.


But You Know tHis: something's got to change BECAUSE...

  • Whenever someone asks "How are you?" your only thought is, exhausted.

  • You know you have awesome ideas but can't seem to find time and focus on them.

  • You know there's not just one solution to a problem.

  • You're tired of saying "someday....".


Don't worry, we've got this

You've already taken the first step in making the changes you want.

See how we can work together. 






Chances are you're here because you know what you want but you're not seeing results.

My job is to help you get focused and take action.


Here's what I specialize in:

time management

Always feel you're playing catch up? I’ll show you how to create more time and let go of unnecessary to do’s.


Struggling to reach your goals? Together, we create time-targeted, action steps to get you from start to finish in no time.


Ready for a change at work? Form a foolproof plan to ask for the raise, promotion or career move you’ve been wanting to make. 


All work, no play? We focus on taking time back for what you really want.


Feel like no one is listening to you? Learn how to change the way you communicate to ensure you're heard.


Wish you felt better about your health?  Master consistency in sustaining habits to maximize energy, efficiency and overall well being.



Time Management

As a new mom and business owner, my time is obviously limited. Working with Dominique helped me learn how to look at time differently and reorganize my schedule so I could feel good about being mom and still run my business like a boss.
-- Callie J. San Francisco, CA


Dominique Anders is truly insightful, intuitive, rigorous and inspiring. She has given me incredible tools and consistent guidance to keep me on my path towards what it is that I truly want out of life. Direct and effective, Dominique was able to see through my excuses and laziness and somehow able to flip in a way that gets me motivated and back into inspired action. Highly recommend her if you are ready to get to the next level in your life and career.
-- Danielle Z, Los Angeles, CA


I’d been at a loss on how to climb that ladder at work so I hired Dominique for guidance. She helped me come up with a plan on how to ask for more money, a better title and more flexibility with my hours. So far, my boss has agreed to let me work from home 2 days a week!
-- Jesse K., Los Angeles, CA


As a mom of 3 and a manager at work, I’ve never had time for myself and it was taking it’s toll on me. I was looking for a coach who could be firm and compassionate at the same time. From our first phone call, I knew I found that in Dominique. While she always listens and motivates me, she also calls me out which has helped me really see the areas in which I can improve and be better with juggling my career and my family life.
-- Cary W., Chicago, IL


Dominique really listens between the lines. I had spent so much time laboring how to handle certain situations and thought that I was really getting bogged down with the unproductive time. She quickly pinpointed my needed focus and communication and helped me reformulate how I could achieve the best outcome in my interactions.
-- Lisa H. Santa Cruz, CA


Traveling for work usually means unhealthy food and limited time for workouts. After being unhappy and living this way for 5 years, I finally did something about it and hired Dominique - best decision I ever made! Not only do I feel and look healthier, but now I also am aware of my habits so I can avoid falling back into the cycle of that unhealthy lifestyle.
-- Angela D., Los Angeles, CA



Hello, Just Focus is a personalized (6) week private coaching program designed to elicit commitment and strategic action towards your goals goals so you can start building traction and momentum in your personal and professional life. 





I HELP creatives focus on their GOALS &  PRODUCE RESULTS.

You’re a creative professional with a drive for success. You know where you want to be in your personal and professional life but how to get there keeps tripping you up.

You’ve been putting in the hours and doing the work but for some reason, it still feels like you’re not finding the success, money or recognition you’re after. You wish you could just figure it out already and know that all the effort you’re putting in is actually making a difference.



I’m a business and life coach for creative professionals who know what they want but are struggling with making it happen. They’re driven and motivated but tired of feeling like they're spinning their wheels. I help them get out of their head so they can follow through on their ideas and build momentum in their business.



In my twenties I was a go getter. I was obsessed with two things - working and making money.

As a television producer and director, I lived to work. The excitement of travelling around the world, the prestige of seeing my name on screens all over the world, the rush I would get when calling ACTION! on set.

As a kid from the suburbs of Chicago, I couldn’t believe that this was my life!

I loved every minute of it.



About 7 years into my career, I started to notice cracks in my life.

My schedule looked like a Jenga puzzle; ready to crash at any moment.

My life was heavily dominated by work with little time for maintaining friendships and relationships. It felt like chunks of my life were missing from being MIA so much.

I was taking jobs that I didn’t love out of fear of not knowing when the next one would come along.

I’d watch other creatives that I'd admired work insanely long hours and put their personal lives on hold. They became complacent and put their passion projects on the back burner.

They were successful, but they'd lost their mojo.

These days, I have the best of both worlds. I've blended my career in entertainment with my coaching practice which allows me to do the two things I love everyday and my job is to help you do the same. 



The spark that I had in my twenties was fading.

I stopped finishing the passion projects I’d started and became one of those people that talked about what they were doing more than actually doing it.

I wanted so badly to keep moving up the ladder but with each step I took, I became more and more exhausted.

I was so consumed with my career and being successful that I became paralyzed from making any decisions in fear of making the wrong ones.

My social life became non-existent. I used to joke that the only thing friends could count on me for was for was to not be there because I wouldn’t commit to anything just in case a gig popped up.

My friends told me they missed the positive, upbeat person I used to be. They were tired of this new person I’d become - someone who was constantly complaining and worrying about everything.

My marriage was falling apart and after spending years on the road for work, I was growing tired and my attitude was turning cynical.

In short - I didn’t like who I’d become.

I had always felt that no matter what was thrown my way, I’d figure out a way to handle and rise above it. I never let what people thought of me get me down. I had always kept a positive attitude.

Slowly, I no longer felt like that person.



Even though I was feeling burned out at work, I couldn’t imagine not being surrounded by creative types anymore. Their energy and passion felt like fuel to me.

As I started to dissect the times in my work where I was still lit up, I realized it was when I was helping those around me focus on what was important to them.

It was when I was able to utilize my over-a-decade of experience of taking an idea and making it come to life in the entertainment industry  

It was the times I would help an actor work through something off screen that was affecting her on screen performance and she could use it as motivation to make her performance better.

It was when I would work through a communication issue with my team so that everyone understood and respected each other and was on the same page.

It was how I could help turn that creative’s idea into an actual business by talking through the logistics with him.

The fuel I felt from helping others make their ideas a reality was the key to getting my own mojo back.



I’d been helping teams conceive, create and execute their projects as well as

coaching creatives, veteran talent and newbies in front of the camera long before I realized coaching was a career itself.

After over a decade in the entertainment industry I became a certified coach.

Today I have the best of both worlds. I still get to connect with creative professionals and support them. Now I also help them channel their passion and motivation into focused action.

Creating a career where I get to work with others as they turn their ideas into a reality and create success on their terms has been the best decision I ever made.

Instead of feeling burned out and lost each day, I come to work feeling motivated and inspired.

Look, I know I’m not the only one who’s felt stuck in their life but I’ll tell you this - for me, the struggle and searching it took to get here has been 100% worth it….and I bet you’d feel the same once you’re on the other side.



If you’re unclear about what to work on first in your business or personal life or tired of feeling like all you do is work, let’s talk!

If want to figure out how to make sure all the effort you’re putting in is actually making a difference or you need help getting organized and focused with your next project, I’d love to help.

Click here to learn how we can work together and here for weekly advice to keep your mojo up and your projects moving forward.


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