An intensive 6 week program designed to help you start achieving results even before you hit your end goal.

Each week, we focus on a different area of your goal, all while creating mini-achievements along the way. 


Week 1: Power Down

We tend to get so wrapped up in the go, go, go of everything that we often never take the time to step back and figure out what it is we really want and more importantly, why we want it. Week One is all about powering down and giving yourself the opportunity to answer that question. Week one acts as the base of all the future sessions. 



WEEK 2: recharge

We’re SO busy. All the time. Week 2 we get to see what’s getting in the way of you accomplishing your goals and we start to peel them away, layer by layer until we’ve really gotten down to it. It’s here that you’ll start to find ways to be more mindful and in turn you’ll find that you’re also more productive.



WEEK 3: Reboot

Time to hit the restart button. Week 3 is where we begin building strategies that will move you in the direction of acheiving your goal. For everyone, this is something different so each strategy is uniquely catered to you.



WEEK 4: Check in

It’s exactly that. Week 4 is where we review what is & isn’t working so far. At this point, you’ll be armed with the tools to help you push past the roadblocks that you used to hold you up. Whatever’s still getting in your way, we tweak and then move forward. 



WEEK 5: power Play

My favorite week by far! Having an action plan under your belt for the past two weeks, it’s here that you find it’s easier to stick to your goals than it was 5 weeks ago. With that being said, we up the ante and build on that original action plan.




Your leap check in. At this point, you’re easily able to navigate when something isn’t working, why and how to adjust.



Bonus Session

My goal with Hello, Just Focus is for you to be achieving your goal which is why I throw a bonus week in here - to be used any time after the 6 week session is complete, up until 12 months after the program ends.