Mission Decision: Making the right Choice


You’re a creative professional with a ton of great ideas.

You’ve had a taste of success in your career and are hungry for more.

You know that with the right focus, you’d finally be able to follow through on that passion project or idea that really lights you up.


But...picking one idea and sticking with it isn’t your strong point.


You’re worried you’re going to choose the wrong one or what you’ll do if something better comes along.  Plus, committing to one idea is scary because what if you spend all your time, energy (and sometimes money!) on it and it doesn’t pan out. Then what?


And...it’s not like your list of ideas is short. You’ve been adding to it for a while now and no matter how much effort you put into checking some off your list, you never feel like you’re making much progress.


Plus, the longer you stand on the sidelines hesitating to make a move, FOMO and regret sink in. You see others making decisions and moving forward in their work and personal life - things you wish you were doing. Problem is, you’re unsure of what the right next steps are.


Imagine knowing that your next creative project will push the needle in your business and personal life.


You know that making a decision and taking that first step forward will create a snowball effect and everything else will start to fall into place. You’ll get into the flow of doing the work and it will get easier.


Once you’ve decided what to concentrate on, you’ll feel confident about what you’re doing and feel excited to have direction. Plus, you know that when you focus your energy on one thing, you’ll see results much quicker.


You’re motivated to keep going because you know that the idea you picked is the right one for you right now. You’re able to let go of the stress and worry that you should be doing something else and move forward with ease. You’re excited about your work again now that you can tune out the noise and finally finish a project.


Having a concrete plan makes you feel in control and frees you up to spend your energy on what you love. It gives you a sense of freedom knowing that you only have to focus on the work at hand. You wake up each day knowing exactly what to do and where to start.


You’re ready to make a decision and get started building traction and momentum to finding that success you know you’re capable of.


Sound familiar?

  • You feel like you spend more time debating what will make the biggest impact in your business than actually taking action
  • You wish you could figure out the one thing that would bring you the results you want
  • You’re easily distracted by new ideas or “shiny objects”
  • You wonder how others seem to be able to start - and finish - their projects and make it look so easy
  • You’re worried you’re gonna pick the wrong idea and just have one more unfinished project on your shelf.


Here’s the Thing, You Don’t Have to Figure This Out on Your Own


I’ll help you sort out all the great ideas and projects you have in your head. You’ll learn how to stop spinning your wheels and determine which ideas make the most sense for you to focus on. You’ll also learn how to handle new ideas when they pop up.


You’ll be able to relax knowing that you’ve decided what you want and what will create traction and momentum in your business so you can have that feeling of success again.


No more wondering if you should be working on something else. You’ll feel confident that the decision you made is the one right one for you.


After Working Together, You Will

  • Have made a choice on what to work on and know what steps you need to take to get started
  • Understand why the idea you chose is the best one for you at this time
  • Know how to handle “shiny object syndrome” so you don’t get distracted
  • Feel confident in what you’re focusing on
  • Know how to weed out the great ideas from the good ones and finish a project - finally!


Mission Decision Includes:


Idea Download

Before our session, you’ll answer some questions to help me better understand exactly what you’re struggling with and what you’re looking to make a decision about. This is where you’ll take that long list of ideas in your head and lay them out so we can use our time on the call efficiently.



Focus Session

A 90 minute phone or Skype session where you’ll learn how to effectively review and choose which idea or project makes the most sense for you. We’ll address your hesitations about the ideas that don’t make the cut. You’ll be able to clearly pinpoint future ideas to either act on or set aside.  


Focused Action Plan

You’ll leave our first conversation with a Focused Action Plan that will lay out the first few steps of what you chose to work on. Each step will build on the previous one to help you get the ball rolling and build momentum. You’ll have a clear plan how to handle the next time a ‘shiny object’ tries to distract your focus.


Focus Check-In Session

Two weeks after the Focus Session, we’ll have a 30 minute check in session. We’ll go over your Focused Action Plan, review any roadblocks you may have hit and set a plan up for you to continue doing the work while staying focused.


Investment: $99  (For new clients only) 


Ready to Stop Spinning Your Wheels?

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