For someone who's a world renowned speaker with almost 3 million views of her infamous TED Talk, I'm always surprised when people don't know this week's #FridayFav: 

Brené Brown - Ph.D. 
Researcher & Storyteller

Brené's 2010 TED Talk is about vulnerability. A topic that she was excited to study but less thrilled to try on for herself which is precisely why I'm sharing it this week.

Depending which side of the creative business you're in, it can sometimes feel cold and devoid of compassion. It can be super competitive, ego-filled and less than welcoming.

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but mastering the art of vulnerability is actually one of the most powerful tools you can use in this business. 

When we practice vulnerability, it shows others that we're human. We're not perfect,  sometimes we make mistakes and we're relatable. 

Vulnerability in it's nature requires us to let our guard down and open ourselves up to possible criticism and ridicule - which at first doesn't seem to fit the definition of a Power Player, does it?

But think about it - some of the most notable Power Players - Steve Jobs, Diane Von Furstenberg, Oprah, Brian Grazer - have all shown vulnerability throughout their careers and we don't think any less of them. 

It actually doesn't matter what industry you're in or what the situation is, being vulnerable - while maybe not your first choice - is often what leads to better communication and understanding.

If you haven't heard Brené's talk, it's a must listen. In the mean time, I'd love to hear that last time you were truly, uncomfortably vulnerable so send me an email and I promise to respond. 

And, if you want to see what gets me vulnerable - head on over to my Instagram account where I recently shared what almost had me passing up on an adventure of a lifetime.