Hello there! 

I figured I'd start by really sharing my story with you because let’s face it, our stories are really the reasons why we do what we do; they’re what motivate us. 

What stories are behind the reasons you do what you do?

If I could describe myself ten years ago, I was spunky, outgoing, motivated and full of vibrant life. I was a force of energy and creativity. I busted my tail to land in my dream industry; producing, directing and writing for television. I constantly had to pinch myself that I had done it. I had taken the risk of leaving the city I loved - Chicago - and moved west to follow my dreams.

To this day, I still acknowledge the risks I took to chase my dreams. If I did it then, I can do it again.

Along for the ride came my best friend/fiancé and as we navigated this scary new world, at least we knew we had each other. Those first few years were tough! Emotionally, romantically, financially.  We were both trying to find our way in our respective businesses as well as cope with being two fish out water in a town known for hanging you out to dry.

Eventually, we got married, I began traveling 75% of the year for work and he began building his dream business. It wasn’t long before I noticed a change in myself - that vibrancy was fading and a strong sense of fear was taking over. My fears were heavily rooted in finance as I often felt responsible for holding my small family together.

It didn't take long for my fears to  grow and paralyze the spunk I once had until basically I was motivated and controlled by fear. The decisions I made - 100% fueled by fear.

I took jobs only because they were bringing me a paycheck. I refused to allow my partner and I to spend money on vacations or going home to see family often because of what it would do to our bank account. I made excuses. We had debt and any spending was just going to push us further into it. In the end, my fears were part of what led to the ultimate dissolution of my marriage. 

What excuses do you sell to yourself as truth?

Eventually, as it always seems to, it all came to a head. I had finally acknowledged I just wasn’t happy - which was a big realization for me. The always outward optimist had grown inwardly pessimistic. Somehow, I had lost my mojo. I had lost that “Dominique-ness” that I’d been known for. 

While the realization was a blessing -  I finally had an answer to what had been gnawing at me for some time - it was also a curse. I knew that in order to really be happy I had to embark on a solo journey. My divorce was by far the most painful experience I have ever been through. 

When a lot of people are just settling down into their lives, I felt like I had taken everything; who I was, what I stood for, my personal belongings - and threw them up in the air. Somethings would land safely while others would come crashing down but I realized that I had a choice. I could sit around and mope and be discouraged by what I had felt was a failure, I could let fear continue to drive me or I could take what I had learned about myself and use it to propel me into the next phase of my life.

Guess which one I chose?!

When you hit a fork in the road, which direction do you tend to take?

I’m so very happy to have you join me on this adventure and here's to a future of sharing more about how my experiences and education can help propel you as well.

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As always, Let's DO this!

Much Love,

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