Hey there! 

Phew! We made it to the end of the week & I’m super excited to roll out this very first edition of The Friday Favs! 

Every other Friday, I’ll be highlighting someone or something that has inspired, motivated or just plainly rocked my socks and I want to share it with all of you.

So without further ado - this Friday’s Fav is……DRUM ROLL please...

the Being Boss Podcast! 

Being Boss is a podcast by Emily Thompson & Kathleen Shannon; two like-minded, motivated, smart cookies who each found success in their own industries and have put together a podcast to share and inspire other creative entrepreneurs. 

Listening to a podcast by these two is like having coffee with your two insightful, straight-up-honest friends who are willing to go there with you. They open up their book of secrets and share their experiences and advice so the rest of us can learn from both their successes and missteps. 

If you’re an entrepreneur - really of any type - Being Boss will resonate with you in terms of the struggle, the hustle and the passion you have for your business. Whether you’re already killin it in your industry, looking to excel and propel or just getting started - you’ll not only find useful tips on the Being Boss podcast but a community, too. There's a FB page where they continue the conversation with a bunch of supportive and creative folks who are also, you guessed it - BOSSES! 

One last thing - Kathleen and Emily have a website which is chock full of resources from each podcast episode. Below are the links to the podcast, website & Kathleen & Shannon's personal biz websites.


Website: http://www.lovebeingboss.com
Podcast Link: https://soundcloud.com/beingboss/being-boss-episode-1-do-the-work
Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtUxG5toBdhZXDXpXNFSapw

Individual Websites:
Kathleen Shannon: http://www.braidcreative.com
Emily Thompson: http://www.indieshopography.com

Curious who your favorite podcasters are at the moment!  Send me an email or leave me comment.