Ever since I could remember, I’d read books on it, studied people who I felt  mastered it and plotted away on how to make it mine; ahhh the illusive... 

"Work / Life" Balance 

It seemed no matter what I did, it was always just out of reach. Until recently...

About this time last year I was in the middle of a 32 week contract for a project that was one of the most challenging and time consuming shows I'd ever tackled. It was a non-stop, whip-lash inducing roller coaster.  

For the entire run of the project, I kept a dirty little secret...


I loved the projects where the intricate puzzle pieces kept changing. Where each day was full of crazy surprises. But working like that used to come at a price for me; little to no “work/life balance”.

So at the end of last year, I took a sabbatical with my boyfriend, Bruce, to Hawaii for a few months. Now, those close to me know this is extremely out of character but I had sold myself  on the idea that this was just the “life” part I’d been missing out on while I was focused on the “work” part.

As one would expect, I had a TON of epiphanies (some I’ll share with you later) but the biggest one was this: I needed to stop chasing this dream of “work/life balance” and instead just focus on pure, simple balance.

Here’s why: The concept of looking for “work/life balance" in today’s society is like trying to tame that hot pink flying unicorn;

It won't happen because it doesn't exist.

It can’t anymore. We all know technology has increased the ability to be connected at all hours - but there’s something else.

The gap between who we are at work and who are at home, is increasingly shrinking.

People choose to work with us and hire us, because of who we are and how we show up to them. And more often, we’re bringing who we are to work, especially in the creative fields. There’s no need for a “work/life” balance anymore because the two are blending into one. 

So from here on out, I’m over "work/life” balance and just working on
balance” - pure and simple. Who’s with me?!

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Side Note - Keep an eye out on my website for my upcoming top 10 tips on how to create - you guessed it - pure and simple, balance.