If you follow me on Instagram you know I travel a lot for work which allows me a lot of "read time” on the plane.  This past week as I headed to Miami, I stumbled on an article in Glamour magazine about Toms Shoes. I almost passed over it since I thought I already knew all there was about the brand and their One for One mission - to donate a pair of shoes for every pair sold. But low and behold I discovered this week's Friday Fav:

Blake Mycoskie - Founder of Toms Shoes, Entrepreneur, Author

In the article - “Taking a Paternity Leave? A Do!” - Blake talks about how he took a 12 week paternity leave when he had his son, Summit, and the wonders it did not only for him but but also his relationship with is wife AND his business. Double bonus! 

If you’re lucky enough to work at Toms Shoes, then you are part of the 12% of Americans that have access to a formal paid parental leave.

 Only 12%. Ridiculous. 

A lot of companies don’t seem to recognize the benefits of paid parental leave or they offer an unpaid parental leave which makes it quite difficult for families to utilize. 

In the last paragraph of the article Blake puts his money where his mouth is and calls out other companies and CEO’s stating that if they implement a paid parental leave and DON’T see a benefit, he will send them a free Toms bag - which supports maternal health. Genius! 

For more info on Blake Mycoskie and the incredible other missions Toms Shoes have been up to, check out the links below.



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