This edition of The Friday Favs goes out to none other than the gal who I’m always posting about on my Instagram....

Joy Cho - founder of Oh Joy! 

I first found out about Joy when a good friend of mine, Julia Wester, decided to leave her television job in 2013 and follow her passion into the world of design. Julia is now Oh Joy's Prop Stylist and Crafter. She turned me on to all three of Joy’s books as well as her blog which features everything from fun ideas on crafting, design and recipes to glimpses into Joy’s personal life with her husband, Bob, and two kiddos; Ruby and Coco. 

Check out #RubyChoSays on Instagram for ridiculously adorable tidbits from Ruby

Not only has Joy been featured along side Barack Obama and Taylor Swift in Time Magazine, created & designed products for companies including Target, Microsoft and Nod but she also just released her THIRD book!! Check it out in the links below.

Hands down though - why I chose to feature Joy this week was simple. She's super down to earth and relatable. Reading her blog makes me feel like she’s one of my girls. She’s honest and forthcoming on topics like working on being comfortable in her own skin and how initially she had no plans to be on TV but decided to face her fear and do it anyway.

What are you terrified of but are tackling anyway? 

This weekend, as you're knocking stuff off your to-do list, why not take some time to add a little JOY in your life and check out her work.

Below are some links to get you started!


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