Long before green smoothies were the drink du jour at every hipster cafe in LA, I had already discovered the “Queen of Green". And I use the term “discovered” lightly because, well, basically, every celebrity and news outlet had already discovered her.

Keep in mind, this was PRE-Instagram.

At the time she was building her empire while traveling to movie sets preparing food, teaching others about nutrition and making appearances on shows like The Dr. Oz ShowAccess HollywoodThe Today Show, etc. This week’s Friday Fav goes out to:

Kimberly Snyder
Nutritionist | Best Selling Author | Yogini | Glow Bio Shop Owner

She’s this week’s Friday Fav for so many reasons. After graduating magna cum laude from Georgetown, she chose travel over tradition and made her way to over 50 countries, learning about food, healing practices and culture.

Kimberly had a passion and didn’t let the idea of what she “should” be doing after college stop her.

I had first seen Kimberly on a morning news show talking about her Glowing Green Smoothie™ (GGS) recipe. What I loved about her recipe was that it wasn’t full of yogurt or refined sugars. It was basically veggies and fruit in a blender. Plain and simple; and being that I don’t cook but really like eating healthy, I gave it a try. I will admit, the GGS was an acquired taste at first but quickly became a staple in my morning routine.

My skin looked better than ever, I had a ton of energy and never felt bloated or bogged down after breakfast. I soon became the chic walking around the office chewing her weird salad smoothie each morning. 

Flash forward to today; I have a better blender = smoother smoothies. And green smoothies and juices are everywhere, totally changing the way that we think of them. 

In addition to Kimberly's books, website / blog, speaking engagements, she opened a shop in Los Angeles. Glow Bio focuses on cold pressed juices and smoothies and people are raving about it on Yelp. 

Check out the links below for Kimberly's recipes, books and website. I'm always looking for more smoothie recipes. Got one you love, post it below or send me an email! 


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Kimberly's Website

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