When I first heard Derek’s Sivers’ 2010 Ted Talk entitled, “Keep Your Goals to Yourself”, I felt crushed. It went against everything I had previously learned and put into play about goal setting. But…after much research and deliberation, I started seeing both sides of it. 

See, the gist of Derek’s talk and the research behind it is that the more we tell others our goals, the less likely we are to achieve them. Why? Because our brain gets tricked into thinking it’s already accomplished the goal just by the mere action of verbalizing it to someone.

In turn, we don’t work as hard to accomplish it. 

Now, to be clear, the goals that Derek and the studies are referring to are “identity goals". Specific goals that tie into the identity of who we are such as a writer, photographer or a designer.

And while there’s something to be said about putting it out into the universe and faking it until you make it. I will say, for me, I accomplish certain goals much faster when I’m in stealth mode and others when I feel like the world is backing me because I’ve asked to be held accountable. Just depends on the goal. Sometimes they are identity goals and sometimes they’re not.

There’s a ton of research and articles about this theory but I’m bringing this up simply as a an exercise in awareness. 

 The more aware we are of WHY we do WHAT we do leads to greater success.

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