I'll be honest, I've been watching (translate: stalking) this powerhouse since her Instagram only had a few thousand followers which is now around 36k to date. One look at her feed and it’s no wonder why she blew up so quickly. This week’s Friday Fav is: 

Jennet Liaw
Creative Director | Designer | Typography Master 

Jennet is the rockstar behind Fictional Supply - a website that showcases some of her design talents with cool screen printed t’s and prints. Beyond that, she’s a creative in every possible way. A scroll through her social media channels and you enter this unique world where images and letters mingle and marry. 

Since Ms. Liaw’s degree isn’t in design, she’s self - taught. Love this! 
While working other jobs to support herself, design was often her side hustle until it became her main one. Which now, if you head to her website, you can see she’s booked pretty solid.

One of my favorite things about Jennet though, is how honest and real she is. Take a few minutes to read her blog or her comments on her IG pics and you’ll see what I mean. She’s transparent in how she feels, not afraid to be herself and her adoration for her fans and their support feels genuine.

In world where social media only seems to showcase everyone’s “best of’s”, Jennet Liaw’s feed is a refreshing escape.

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