Anyone who knows me personally, will tell you how much I love networking.  I get super motivated when I meet new people and hear about what they’re up to so of course I got excited when I first discovered this week’s #FridayFav: 


Monarq is the brainchild of Diana Murakhovskaya & Irene Ryabaya - two gals from Wall Street who decided to leave finance and join the world of tech together.

These ladies have created a movement and soon-to-be-launched app that works to connect women in their respective cities who have similar ideas in common and might want to hang together. 

While I love what Monarq is all about - two things I noticed this duo does often that we can all learn from and apply to our own projects:

1 - Start before you’re ready. Notice that these ladies didn’t wait until their app was launched to create their social media profiles and build a following. They're still in the beta stage but have taken the leap to put the word out about their product so when they do launch, they've already created a market for it. 

2 - Build others up. Monarq actively & publicly champions other women who they're inspired by. When everyone is posting their highlight real to Facebook & Instagram, its easy for jealousy and self comparison to creep in but nothing good comes of it. 

@@There's room for everyone at this party called success - no need to take others down on our way up.@@