Even though summer doesn’t end for another month, the amount of unhappy employees tends to rise in August.

Maybe it’s going back to the grind after having a light last few months or it’s post-summer vacation blues. 

Whatever the reason is, this week I wanted to share 5 ways to stay engaged and find joy at work:

1.  Take on a new project

It may sound counter intuitive to take on more work but taking on a ‘new to you’ task or project at the office can re-energize how you feel about your company and your role there.

It’ll give you something new to learn, increase your involvement at the workplace and give you more face time with supervisors.

2. Change up your routine 

Simple acts like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, entering the building a different way than you normally do or even just dialing your cell with your non-dominant hand requires your brain to process information differently than it’s used to.

Not to get too scientific on you but this in turn helps create more dopamine, a key contributor to motivation and productivity.

3. Put a new spin on an old task 

I had a client who could never seem to get caught up on her inbox. She loathed it because no matter how many emails she got through, there would always be another batch of them the next day for her to handle.

Aside from hiring someone to manage her email for her, we figured out that if she could attach a positive feeling to checking and responding to her emails, tackling them gave her a much better sense of accomplishment.

4. Make a new friend 

We all have those people at work that we always make lunch plans with and then they never happen. Or we mean to make plans with them but never get around to it.

Scheduling and following through with that person is an easy way to switch up the pace of your day and maybe even meet someone interesting and fun. I mean, you have to eat anyways...

5. Invest in yourself

 For some of us, investing in ourselves is getting a degree or taking a class. For others it's starting or picking up an old hobby.  

Whatever your definition of investing in yourself is, do it. Having something to look forward to outside of the office motivates you to be more productive and efficient with your time. It’s the little investments of time and energy in ourselves that bring joy and gratitude to our everyday lives.

One last thing - if you haven’t been feelin it for a while at work, pay attention to what’s really going on. If you’re not happy, is it the role you’re in? The team you’re on? The company you’re with?  

Or maybe it has nothing to do with work at all and it’s just spilling over of from somewhere else in your life. (Remember - there’s no such thing as work / life balance. - click here to read why it doesn't exist!)