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Starting Over

If I could describe myself ten years ago, I was spunky, outgoing, motivated and full of vibrant life. I was a force of energy and creativity. I busted my tail to land in my dream industry; producing, directing and writing for television. I constantly had to pinch myself that I had done it. I had taken the risk of leaving the city I loved - Chicago - and moved west to follow my dreams.

To this day, I still acknowledge the risks I took to chase my dreams. If I did it then, I can do it again.

Along for the ride came my best friend/fiancé and as we navigated this scary new world, at least we knew we had each other. Those first few years were tough! Emotionally, romantically, financially.  We were both trying to find our way in our respective businesses as well as cope with being two fish out water in a town known for hanging you out to dry.

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