Tired of saying "someday" and ready for "today"?

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What is a Power Player, anyway? Power Players know that learning doesn't end with a degree. They're constantly on the lookout to balance their professional and personal lives. (There's a secret to doing this - check my blogs for the answer!)

While Power Players have amazing goals and dreams, they know that to achieve them, it's going to take some good old fashion hard work, but no worries - they're up for the challenge!  

Some examples of current Power Players on my roster are: An entrepreneur taking his first company public, an award winning writer working on her second feature film, a current CEO of her household jumping back into the world of marketing.

Power Players are:

  • Go Getters
  • Earners and Learners
  • Interested in Getting Out of Their Comfort Zone

Power Players are NOT:

  • Full of Excuses
  • Looking to Point the Finger at Others
  • Complainers